Mihaela Majerhold-Ostrovršnik was born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. After working for a company Johnson&Johnson and publishing house Vale-Novak, she began studying photography in VIST ( Higher School of applied sciences ) in Ljubljana.
She’s working as a freelance photographer. She colaborates with many creative people in her environment and abroad. With her colleague from faculty she is doing a newborn photography named J’adore Photography.
She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

– 2016_ Red fiction _ XVII. Celjska razstava; Celje
– 2014_ Razpoloženja _ XV. Celjska razstava; Celje
– 2014_ Bilo:je_ VIST_ Galerija Dessa; Ljubljana
– 2014_ Ikone in dokumenti ( Mihaela’s Diary ) _ VIST; Kibla Maribor
– 2013_ Sama _ XIV. Celjska razstava; Celje
– 2012_ Dimenzija podobe ( Spomin ) _ VIST_ Galerija Photon; Ljubljana